Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wastwater Open Public Comment Ends August 1, 2011

The Nisqually Tribe has proposed a new wastewater treatment facility. There is an environmental assessment for the proposed project. This project is OPEN TO PUBLIC COMMENTS and Copies of this Environmental Assessment can be reviewed or obtained at the following addresses:
USDA Rural Development                                    or at the                 Nisqually Indian Tribe
1835 Black Lake Boulevard,                                                                 4820 She Nah Num Drive SE
Olympia, Wa. 98501                                                                              Olympia, Wa. 98512
PUBLIC COMMENTS are taken on THIS project before
AUGUST 1, 2011 and should be sent to either or both of the above addresses.
The Nisqually Tribe is also proposing to construct a new Residential community on another corner of 510 and Yelm Highway. This community will consist of an Elder’s community, a multi-family apartment complex, open space and community areas, single family home building lots and a satellite housing office for onsite needs in the new community. October News. The Nisqually Tribe has proposed to renovate its existing 5,000 square foot corrections facility into an 8,000 square foot facility that will serve Native juveniles. This facility becomes available for renovation upon completion of a new corrections facility being constructed under DOJ ARRA grant funds. The Nisqually Indian Tribe is also planning to construct and operate a new Well system on the north side of Hwy 510. It will be constructed to serve the new Jail and will have the design capacity to serve the new Housing Development Phase 1 Community. It will be a Well System with 180,000 + Gallon storage tank and a low profile supports buildings. This new distribution system will be integrated with existing line at Muck Creek Drive to create a zonal system that allows for flexibility, capacity exchange, and back up supply. It will incorporate valves and hardware to receive flows from the McCallister Well field. There are also Traffic Revisions proposed. WSDOT is intending to replace the SR 510 stop sign-controlled intersections at Reservation Road and Yelm Highway with roundabouts and associated multi-modal facilities.

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