Saturday, July 30, 2011

Public Comment Period Ends MONDAY - August 1, 2011

Please respond to the PUBLIC COMMENT DRAFT FOR THE NISQUALLY TRIBE WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT. Copies of this document have been hard to obtain. The notification in the Olympian Newspaper stated that the draft for the wastewater treatment plant could be reviewed or obtained at the USDA Rural Development office on Black Lake Blvd. in Olympia or at the Nisqually Indian Tribe office on She Nah Num Drive. The USDA RD office DID NOT have a copy available and they stated they would be calling when one was available for pick up - They still have NOT called, July 30, 2011. The Tribe did provide a copy on Thrusday, July 28th after several attempts to obtain. This only provided two working days to respond!!!

I posted my comments earlier and they were lengthy regarding why there are mitigating factors that the Tribe HAD not considered regarding the treatment plant. Here are a few considerations I hope you all Cut and Paste and forward to the USDA RD office or the Nisqually Tribe PRIOR TO MONDAY - AUGUST 1, 2011

1. The section states that it is "common practice to cover treatment tanks...this remains an option." PLEASE respond to say that the treatment tanks NEED TO BE COVERED so open cess pools are not allowed.
2. There is NO reference to Earthquake consideration. They should include Earthquake possibilities.
3. The Section 2.1 mentions that "Conveyance to the City of Yelm had several advantages, including the minimal amount of Tribal land required and the fact that the city of Yelm has an established treatment plant with TRAINED OPERATORS." Please reply that this is a reasonable viable option to tie into the already existing Yelm Wastewater Treatment plant.

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