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September 13, 2011

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July 26, 2011 Notes County Commissioners Meeting
Hi, My name is Justine I am here because of my concerns regarding the Nisqually Jail the tribe is in the process of construction. We have been questioned why we are before you and why we are  addressing our concerns to the Co. Commissioners.
To re-iterate what Mr. Capra has previously stated in his two appearances before you at previous council meetings.
We are concerned about the PAST. What did our county commissioners know regarding this   project? From internet research I have found meeting minutes where our county commissioners were present at information meetings regarding this project. These meetings took place months prior to the land in question was even transferred to the Nisqually Tribe. From our research this parcel was transferred to the Nisqually Tribe in Sept., 2010, only 10 months ago.
We understand the complexities of the Tribal sovereignty, however as our elected officials who attending these meetings in their officially elected capacity we question how long ago the county actually knew about the tribes plans regarding this parcel. This parcel is also involved in a Bonneville Line Relocation project that I see dates all the way back to 2003 when the county and the Tribe made agreements to transfer the power lines to make this parcel buildable.
My concern is at what point did our commissioners hear about the Nisqually jail project in COMPARISON to our commissioners pushing for the $45 Million A.R.C. to be built. If our commissioners knew about this project, why would we waster our taxpayers money on a duplicate project?
PRESENTLY – There are road way projects being considered due to theTranspo  traffic study that was done regarding the jail project. I appreciate Commissioner Romero speaking up last meeting stating that the road changes were something the commissioners could address. She requested information to be brought to today’s meeting so county residents could be actively involved. There are also current projects projected for the Tribe including; wastewater treatment plants, a well, a multi-housing community. We urge our elected officials to become actively involved in these processes when feasible to safeguard our community.
I would like a STOP work order to be requested on this project while our county continues to work with a consultant regarding the A.R.C. We continue to pour out taxpayers monies on the A.R.C. for lighting and heating and consultation fees as well as our taxpayers money is going towards improvements in the area for the Nisq. Jail and none of it makes sense to us???
We have obtained over 600 signatures in 6 weeks to STOP the construction of this jail from concerned citizens and we are speaking on their behalf.
FUTURE- Talking with Sheriff Snaza he state that if an inmate was to escape from this Nisqually jail. Immediately this would become the counties liability because that inmate would no longer be on Sovereign land. The escape would constitute a felony therefore the tribe cannot pursue a fleeing felon. At this time Sheriff Snaza states he does not have money to staff extra patrol in this area.
The counties safety and liability is potentially at risk. We urge the county commissioners to implement a safeguard regarding the inmates who have victimized children or are registered sex offenders.
Typically, from my experience in law enforcement when an inmate is released from custody the inmate is shown the back door and he/she walks away from the jail or prison. With this project being in a residential neighborhood with children, and  actual houses abutting this facility and approximately 10 schools in less than an 8 mile walking distance. What security measures are OUR elected officials doing to guarantee our safety?We appreciate your time and serious attention to this matter.