Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Notes from meeting with Senator Randi Becker – July 6, 2011

Senator Becker started our conversation stating that she had heard a year ago or so, in a another meeting that, "the Nisqually Indian Tribe was planning to build another jail and were going to expand onto their jail that they already had." She stated that she was not involved in their voting or decision making and she had no idea of the size of their intentions.

This meeting, with Senator Becker consisted of answering her questions that she had regarding the Nisqually Regional Jail. Senator Becker asked questions regarding the land acquisition, the parcel specifically, whether it consisted of 179 acres or the full 640 acres listed on the county tax identification number, concerns regarding the water levels and quality, noise and light pollution, traffic revisions, liabilities, responsibilities, balance resale versus commercial value, weather the Nisqually's have a B & O tax, other regular fees questioned and if they would pay. She had scheduled a meeting with our Washington State Attorney General, Rob Mckenna's office for the next Day, Thursday, July 7th.

Senator Swecker, JT Wilcox, the Attorney General and she were all to be at this meeting. (See below for brief description of these meeting results). Senator Becker appreciated my time to inform her regarding her questions. She left the meeting stating she was looking into the situation further and that she would get back to our committee. Senator Becker also suggested that we talk with Mayor Harding of Yelm.

On July 11th, 2011, Holly from Senator Becker's office called and stated that the meeting with Attorney General McKenna went "good". Attorney General McKenna asked the Senator's for an official letter stating their concerns and questions so he could officially address them. The Attorney General stated that he would run it by a few offices to see if they wanted to sign in on it. The Attorney General suggested that the community write letters to the Bureau of Indian Affairs to share their concerns.

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