Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Notes from Community Meeting last night (June 21, 2011) Senator Randi Swecker and Leg. Assistant Amy Cruver Attended Meeting

The article the reporter wrote from last nights meeting remained fairly neutral presenting the facts of the situtaion. Joe Cushman, Nisqually Tribal Planning Director had to go on the defense.  He made a claim about notifying homeowners at Wild Horse & was immediately contradicted in print.  We were so pleased that both Amy Cruver, Legislative Assistant to Representative Jim McCune (2nd Leg. dist) and Senator Randi Becker came to the meeting. Senator Randi Becker stated she was there on behalf of Senator Dan Swecker and J.T. Wilcox.

This article is a step in the right direction to get this information to Thurston County Residents about the Nisqually Jail. So many residents still know NOTHING about this situation. We are continuing conversations with our attorneys and many of us have decided which areas we are going to focus on to find out "the truths" and answers to how this happened without our knowledge. We also want to implement some way that this can never happen again! 

Here are some things that we are focusing on:

Environmental Issues and the EA documents and NEPA documents, Water Issues, Waste Management, Grant Applications and Documents.

We have notified our District Representatives, Richard DeBolt and Gary Alexander, and our States Attorney General Rob McKenna. They stated they are trying to find a time that our committee can meet with all including Senator Becker and Senator Swecker rather than seperate meetings.

We are hoping to have a meeting with our County Commissioners, Sandra Romero, Karen Valenzuela, Cathy Wolfe and possibly Donald Krupp - County Manager.

Email what efforts you all have done to contact any parties involved in this project, from past/present/ or future. The more attention we ALL give to this situation the stronger our position will be and the more attention those parties involved will give to us. Please contact us if you want to do something and do not know what direction to work in. Look at the Addresses listed on the right column of parties to write letters to.


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