Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Nisqually Regional Jail is referred to as a LUCRATIVE operation is book: The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek.

Please read the book: The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek by Richard Kluger. This book is an incredible book that clearly depicts the tragic confrontations between the Native Americans and the white settlers specifically between: 1853 to 1857. At the end of this book the author updates current happenings for the Nisqually Indian Tribe. This book has a copy write date of 2011.  Close to the end of this book, on Page # 293, Kluger describes the current proposed Nisqually Regional Jail.  The jail is referred to as: " "Another part of Iyall's (Current Chairwoman for the Nisqually Indian Tribe) entrepreneurial policy called ... to expand the LUCRATIVE operation (their jail) to 250 or more beds." Why is a jail referred to as 'Lucrative'? This is clearly a For Profit Jail. After learning more about the injustices that were imposed upon the Native Americans it does not justify currently to plan to build a “jail for profit” in a residential area without proper notification!

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