Thursday, December 22, 2011

Meeting Notes Dec. 19, 2011 with Cong. Smith's Office

We met with Congressman Smith's office on Monday, December 19th, 2011, in their Tacoma Office. We met with Community Outreach Manager, Debra Entenman. In this meeting Ms. Entenman provided the HR laws that Congressman Smith endorsed regarding the land exchange between Thurston County, The US Army Corps of Engineers and the Nisqually Indian Tribe. Ms. Entenman also provided other facts that our organization had already obtained through public information months ago. We left this meeting still requesting Congressman Smith's help. We followed up the meeting with a certified letter requesting the assistance from Cong. Smith to stop the construction of the jail. We hope our Government will look into the fraudulent means in obtaining the grant including the notification process, the environmental impacts, the contractual misrepresentations showing the need for this project as well as other glaring misrepresentations. See attached note of the certified letter to Ms. Entenman.

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