Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bureau of Indian Affairs Corrections Mission Statement

How would the proposed Nisqually Regional Jail facility be a "safe and secure environment" for our community? There are over 100 families within ONE MILE from this proposed jail. There are children who ride their bicycles, take the bus, walk to friends houses in thie neighborhood. WHY WOULD anyone chose to put a Regional Jail at this location?

Look at the underlined word below, "protects" Indian Communities? The Nisqually Indian Tribe has also proposed an elder's housing community kitty corner to this proposed jail.  Thurston County residents and neighborhood children on one side and their proposed elder's housing community on the other, does this make sense?

Here is the Mission Statement for the US Department of the Interior Indian Affairs:

The Bureau of Indian Affairs Division of Corrections protects Indian communities by confining offenders in safe and secure environments in facilities that are humane and cost-efficient.

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